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Indoor Field Hockey


Indoor hockey is an indoor variant of field hockey. It is similar to the outdoor game in that two teams compete to move a hard ball into the goal of the opposing side using hockey sticks. Indoor hockey is played on a smaller area and between smaller teams than field hockey and the sidelines are replaced by solid barriers from which the ball rebounds and remains in play.

It is traditionally and mainly played as a pastime by outdoor field hockey players during the off-season or when conditions are unsuitable for outdoor play. Indoor hockey is played in regular national and international championships. 

The Pittsburgh region has 2 indoor field hockey clubs: Venom and TGT.  Several PTHS players participate in this sport, just ask your coach and she will direct you to them.

Note: these clubs also train for the outdoor game in spring and summer


Turf Skills Clinics
(Nov - Dec)
For the outdoor game

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